Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Next Thing on My List

I read this book years ago; I saw it on the library hot picks bookcase and thought I'd give it a try. I have to say, this book was hilarious! I spent most of it laughing right out loud. This was written by Jill Smolinski and it is delightful. Here is a change from the historical novels and royal drudgery. If I missed some details I am sorry...guess you'll just have to rent it! My mom used it at one of her book clubs.

June Parker works in L.A. and works at a company called Rideshare.
She joins Weigh Watchers to try and lose some weight. She gives a lady a ride, and while trying to save a dish of chili they crash into the car in front of them. Her passenger, who she barely even knew, dies. After Marissa dies she feels such intense guilt that she wants to do anything she can to keep her memory alive.

June discovers a list titled "20 things to do before my 25th birthday." As she reads the list, she discovers that she could do these things in memory of Marissa. She tells the deceased's family her idea and starts to work on it. Her friends help and encourage her along the way. She runs a 5K, she kisses a stranger in a restaurant, she goes to work bra less one day (no small feat considering that June is quite well endowed lol). She also gets to ride in a helicopter. One of the things on the list says to change some one's life. And to lose 100 pounds, which June doesn't do because it is already crossed of the list. Marissa had achieved that before passing away.

On Marissa's 25th birthday, or what would have been her birthday party, June hosts a party to celebrate finishing all of the things on the list. I won't share more either because I don't remember, or because you will just have to read it yourself. It is very cute, heart warming and funny.

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