Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting To Know You

Keely over at Manland 5 is hosting this Sunday's Getting To Know You, and these are the questions. I am posting them just because I thought it looked fun. 1. What inspires you? My family-I want to be the best I can be for my husband and little boy. 2. What was the last thing you bought yourself? Leggings 3. Would you rather watch a movie in the theatre or in the comfort of your own home? Depends on my mood-we have a new great flat screen TV so it's fun watching movies at home. But I also love getting out as well. 4. Household chore you don't mind doing? Hmmm....vacuuming can be fun I guess lol 5. Coffee or tea? Neither but I've always loved the smell of coffee beans hehe 6. What could you eat everyday and not get sick of? CHOCOLATE!! And I do:) 7. What's the last book you read? The King's Daughter-if you read my blog you know 8. Do you think you look your age? Probably-I've never really had anyone guess my age before. Join in the fun, and put your answers in the comment box!

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