Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Books and Ring

I don't know if I have been that busy or just not in the mood to blog lately about the books I've finished.  I will review them on Good reads or rate them but that's it.  So here's a quick review of what I've finished in the last while.

The Countess Elizabeth Bathory is a powerful Hungarian noblewoman, sentenced to live out her final years imprisoned in a tower.  History says she was the first serial killer and even called her a vampire.  The book shows her life starting as a child to a countess and the abuse she wreaks on her servants.  I gave it a 3 because it seemed not to flow smoothly, sometimes erratic and was disturbing at times to read.
This book follows a midwife and her assistant in the 1600s in England.  It is a tumultuous time because Parliament's armies have risen against the King and laid siege to the city.  It was considered treason to kill your master or husband, and the sentencing was to be burnt.  Bridget's friend is accused of murdering her husband and sentenced to burn.  Bridget strives to save her friend who is innocent while delivering her clients of children and sharing her midwifery skills.  She becomes embroiled in many events that keep the story interesting and easy to read.  I gave it a 4.5, I really liked the book.

I read a few other books but can't remember or didn't finish them.  I've had a harder time finding books I enjoy without repeating stories I already know.

An author had posted a picture of Queen Elizabeth's I ring that she wore, and I had to share this because it's so interesting.  It was among her prized possessions, her two favorite pieces of jewelry being her coronation ring and this locket ring.

It is said the one portrait is of her mother Anne Boleyn who was executed by her father King Henry VIII when she was very young, and of herself in her mid 40s.  The ring resides at the British Prime Minister's country home in Chequers.  To find out more visit the blog of Sandra Byrd at