Friday, March 18, 2011

Dangerous to Know

I just finished this book Dangerous to Know by Tasha Alexander. It is a little bit different from what I normally read. It is a mystery and I actually really enjoyed it. I haven't read a mystery for a long time so it was fun. She is a really good author, I like the way she writes. I won't tell you who the killer is, but I will tell you that I didn't guess it while reading the book. You know it's a good mystery author when you never guess the correct murder. It keeps you in suspense the entire time.

This book is about Lady Emily and her husband Collin. He works for Queen Victoria and assists the police in cases. His wife Emily also helps him as she enjoys solving a good mystery. I think this book was the second in a series, because when the book starts it says they had narrowly avoided death themself when solving a previous murder case. While trying to solve the case, Emily miscarries a child she didn't even know she was carrying. After this trying time, they go to live with her mother in law's manor so she can recover.

Whilst there she is out on a horse ride one day and discovers a dead body. It is so gruesome that police blame it on Jack the Ripper. Emily feels responsible for finding the murder since she found the body. Her husband Collin also helps her in solving the case. There are delightful neighbors in this story, an overly critical mother in law, a friend name Cecile who loves champagne and her two dogs, an insane asylum, a missing child and more. This book also has a ghost in it; a little blond girl with a blue ribbon in her hair appears from time to time. It is kind of spooky and ties you into the story even more.

The girl that was murdered was Edith; she had been mentally unstable so her family checked her into an asylum. While there she continued to meet her lover, and eventually had a child by him. Another mystery is what happens to this child, and why Edith is murdered. There is a fun character in the book, Sebastian, that is good at disappearing. He is also an art thief, but a charismatic person so everyone falls in love with him. The characters are fun and amusing; there is much to keep you entertained.


  1. I love how much you love period pieces! This does sound intriguing a murder mystery during the tudor times. :)

  2. That one sounds pretty good! I especially like that it includes a ghost ;)

  3. I knew you'd love the ghost Amanda!