Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I just read an unpublished book for a friend, Cassandra Mae Cook, called FATE. She is in the process of getting it read to be published, and she asked if I would read it for her. I will keep vague about the details so as not to give anything away that is important to the plot. If you would like to find out more, you can visit her blog at

In the city of Chyann, there rules a King and Queen that love each other very much. They have 2 beautiful daughters, Claire and Emmaline. Emma is more carefree and happy about life, and befriends a mute gardener named Rupert. He works on the palace grounds with his father and they enjoy spending time together. Soon she is to sequestered so she can earn her degree to learn about ruling a kingdom. Part of the purpose of being shut away, is so that she can concentrate and also be kept safe. She is not able to see Rupert during this time and years pass by.

An unfortunate accident befalls the kingdom, and soon Emmaline and Claire are left with the pieces and the will to the kingdom. The book gets exciting and has a lot of twists and turns that leave you excited to read more. The characters are like able and exciting; it is like a romantic fairytale but with a darker edge to it. I thought it read sort of like a Twilight/Tangled or Cinderella kind of story. The target audience is teenagers, but it sure will appeal to a wider audience. I liked the book because it kept you going, it smoothed flowly, and it had much to reveal as time went on. There are characters you will root for, and others you will wish away. It is exciting, thrilling and scenic. I am honored I got to read the book before it was published, and I wish Cassie much luck with her on it and her upcoming books as well. If I hear more about the status of the book FATE, I will post here in my blog so others can read it as well.

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