Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jane Austen

If any of you are Jane Austen fans out there, I am totally with you! She is a wonderful author that writes beautifully. I first started to learn about her in my English Honors 11th grade class. At first I found her books hard to read, but I loved the language. It seems so delicate and polite, especially compared to our language today. I LOVED Pride & Prejudice, especially the movie. I once told a guy on a date that my favorite line was "you have bewitched me body and soul...." spoken by Mr. Darcy in the novel and movie. My date proceeded to then say it to me later that night...kinda creepy.

This book is fabulous, and I loved the mother even though she can be kind of annoying. She is always complaining about her nerves and such like that. Pretty funny. The sisters have interesting relationships, as I'm sure most sisters do. I so wish we had balls today like they did back then, it looks so fun to dress up like that. I also read the spoof Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. Rather strange and creepy at first, then rather like able. But of course I prefer the original to that bloody work of writing. I have read most of her books, not all I admit. My other favorite is Sense & Sensibility, probably due in large part to Kate Winslet in the movie. If you haven't read Jane Austen yet, do! The characters are highly like able, the prose and writing beautiful, and the times romantic. There is a movie called the Jane Austen Book Club, kind of fun to watch as well.

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