Friday, May 6, 2011

The Falcons of Montabard

I seem to be on a Elizabeth Chadwick streak, for here is another one of her books. This one follows three main characters: Strongfist, Annais (his daughter), and Sabin. This book is set in the time of life in the Middle East during the twelth century. It is during the time of the Crusades, and although Strongfist and Annais are fictitious characters, it is based on a tumultuous and true time. King Baldwin of Jerusalem is captured while out hunting and is imprisoned at Kharpurt, along with Joscelin of Edessa. In this book the men are continually fighting the Saracens and trying to save their King.

Annais is a character to like, as she is strong, feminine while taking charge of hard situations. She works along with Queen Morphia to obtain the release of her husband and son. Annais is part of the hostages at one point, along with Sabin her husband and their 2 children. Parts of the book are slow moving, but the battles are also interesting and exciting. Sometimes graphic, be careful as you read the battles. This author also loves her love scenes, so there are many interspersed throughout the book. If you can tell one is coming, just skip a few paragraphs or a page. Although I like her books for the most part, I think I will dive into something else new.

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